Raffy Banks

My story

Over a period of 15 years, I started and grew one company to 7-figures and one to 6-figures – both bootstrapped.

My first company was an IT services firm where I designed, set up, and managed IT infrastructure for SMBs in the Chicagoland area. I then began offering productized services such as hosted Exchange and VPN services. I grew the business to multiple six figures.

After that, I was the technical co-founder of Threadhop, an online resale shop. We paid cash upfront for high-end apparel, bags, and accessories, which we then sold on our site. We grew this to over $1M in revenue and hundreds of thousands of product sales.

In 2014, I was offered an opportunity to lead the development of a new B2B SaaS product - a learning management system for the Maritime industry. We grew it from zero to 200,000+ users and millions in revenue. In 2020, the company was sold to Oakley Capital and the Ocean Technologies Group was formed - where I'm currently a Product Manager.

I'm now embarking on the journey of helping founders kickstart their SaaS.

I'm also working on my new SaaS, RemarkHub, an AI tool that helps teams categorize and analyze customer feedback.

- Raffy