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Scheduling Time for Inspiration

Raffy Banks • October 20, 2021

In the past, I put off working on a new app or project because I was “still working things out in my head.” I’d delay the process of sitting down and actually trying to hash things out. It was an excuse. Eventually, I’d lose interest or just give up – thinking that since a eureka moment never arrived means I should move on to other things.

Months – or even years – would pass and something would jostle the idea to life again. I’d think, “whoa, what a missed opportunity! Why didn’t I keep working at that idea I had?!”

It was because I bailed before truly trying. I bailed because I thought excitement and enthusiasm was a necessary ingredient, like it was something out in the universe that came to you. But it’s something you create.

So, how do we create inspiration and excitement?

The English playwright and novelist Somerset Maugham was asked, “do you write only when inspiration strikes?”

He remarked:

I write only when inspiration strikes me. Fortunately is strikes me every morning at 9:30 AM sharp.

– Somerset Maugham

Somerset presents a simple strategy for guaranteeing you’ll find enthusiasm and excitement every single day.

By scheduling time for it. Mood be damned.

Inspiration is the reward – not something that is require beforehand.

Yes, there will be things that stand in your way – demanding your attention. But when you simply schedule time for inspiration – write it down, put it on the calendar, etc. – you’ll have no choice. The decision has been made for you. Friction has been eliminated.

It took me some time, but eventually I went from, “ugh, I really don’t feel like working on this thing right now” and “hm, I’m not quite ready to take that one on” to, “well, it’s on the schedule. I guess I don’t have a choice.”